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Dr. Michael Foerster

Dr. Michael Foerster

Dr. Michael Foerster is a planetary astronomer, retired from NASA’s jet propulsion lab where his research focused on the discovery of exoplanets. He has worked at several observatories, including Kitt Peak, VLA, and the US Naval Observatory. He is currently doing research in support of the Kepler Space Telescope. Michael is the co-founder of Astronomy.FM, the only all-astronomy internet radio station in the known universe, and the sci-tech editor for Michigan Public Radio station WNMC FM. Michael is also an outreach astronomer for the Cranberg Institute of Science in Bloomfield Hills, MI, and a NASA educator.

Guest Appearances
December 13, 2018

Space Law: The Next Frontier for Lawyers

Dr. Maria-Vittoria Carminati and Dr. Michael Foerster talk about the future of space and telecommunications law.