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Dr. Chris Mattmann

Dr. Chris Mattmann

Dr. Chris Mattmann is an international expert in artificial intelligence and machine learning. As a Chief Technology and Innovation Officer, his work has helped the world explore space and journalists and governments track international financial crime amongst the world’s elite across the globe. He is the author of “Machine Learning with TensorFlow, 2nd edition.” Dr. Mattmann is best known for a 20-year career inventing the most downloaded software on the planet, creating technology that powers all the data systems in the industry. Tika, the “digital babel fish” is the key technology that solved the Panama Papers and won the Pulitzer Prize in journalism in 2017.

Guest Appearances
September 26, 2023

CLA Annual Meeting – AI and Machine Learning with Dr. Chris Mattmann

Even though AI has been around for a very long time, it seems that it is suddenly everywhere, with AI-powered technology at the forefront of nearly every innovation of late. Why is...