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Dick Semerdjian

Dick Semerdjian

Dick Semerdjian is founding partner of Schwartz Semerdjian law firm and head of the firm’s litigation department. He is also experienced in both plaintiff and defense side work which lends to his unique ability to formulate creative and effective legal and resolution strategies in even the most complex of litigation matters.Dick was a guest on Lawyer 2 Lawyer back in 2012 discussing “Civility as an Art Form in Diplomacy and the Law.”

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Guest Appearances
May 29, 2020

The Current State of Civility in the Legal Profession

Attorneys Dick Semerdjian and Jayne Reardon discuss the use of overly aggressive litigation tactics and the current state of civility in the legal profession.

September 12, 2012

Civility as an Art Form in Diplomacy and the Law

Civility is a skill in the management of differences, disagreements and conflict and is good for the law profession.  So how essential is civility to the legal profession? And is it practiced...