Denis Weil

Denis Weil

Denis Weil focuses on applying his design expertise and passion to social innovation. He is a Designer in Residence at Sanergy, a leading social enterprise in Kenya, and is a fellow at Harvard in their Advanced Leadership initiative. Denis is a long-term advocate and builder of Service Design, both in practice and design education.

He was most recently Corporate Vice President, Concept and Design, at McDonald’s Corporation, where he led the modernization of the McDonald’s customer experience globally and established a leading service design practice and team.

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Guest Appearances
May 14, 2015

ABA National Summit: ‘Innovation Beyond the Legal Sphere’

Legal Talk Network producer Laurence Colletti interviews Judit Rius Sanjuan, Ron Dolin, Denis Weil, and Professor Manny Medrano, panelists on ‘Innovation Beyond the Legal Sphere’ at the 2015 ABA National Summit on...