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David Terrar

David Terrar

David’s expertise covers digital, cloud, social, mobile, software, strategy, operations, sales and marketing. He’s heavily involved in promoting and supporting the UK Cloud scene as Director and Deputy Chair the chair of the Cloud Industry Forum, chaired techUK’s SaaS Group, and was a Director of EuroCloud UK. He is a regular speaker at digital transformation, social media, social business and cloud computing events. He helped design and implement on-line communities for the likes of ICAEW and the International Bar Association, was one of the founders of the CreativeCoffee Club, and was co founder of Amplified – the network of networks. He’s been blogging on business, digital technologies, and social media since 2005. He comes from a background of over 30 years operating in the trenches of the software business, having started in IBM and then worked in management and director roles for companies like Interactive, CSI, Cyberaid, Brook Street Computers, DataWorks, Indus and CODA. . Although his history is rooted in traditional enterprise systems he is passionate about the intersection of cloud computing, mobile technology and social media, how these tools can be deployed to make business more effective, and the way these trends are changing the world of work. He’s regularly listed as an influencer on cloud, digital transformation and social business.

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February 23, 2019

Global Legal Hackathon 2019: London

Peter Lee, David Terrar, and Robert Millard talk about their firms, how they came about in London, and why they are involved in the hackathon.