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David Rudolf

David Rudolf

David Rudolf is passionate about fighting for the individual against the power of the government. Rudolf founded his law firm in 1982 to represent the rights of people, and the firm has never wavered from that mission.

After two years in the Bronx early in his career, Rudolf went to the Federal Defender office in Brooklyn, and tried a number of federal criminal cases (including a case arising out of the hijacking of an airliner by a group of Croatians seeking independence from Yugoslavia).

After several more years in the courtroom representing indigent defendants, Rudolf wanted to encourage new law students to represent poor people. In 1978, Rudolf started the Criminal Law Clinic at the University of North Carolina School of Law. A number of students became public defenders themselves.

Rudolf says he missed the courtroom, and representing people. “I missed the ability to give a voice to the accused, and I missed the responsibility of protecting critical Constitutional rights. So, in 1982 I started my own firm with a colleague from Duke Law School.”

The firm has been in existence ever since – now 36 years. Although there has been evolution in terms of partners, firm names and the cases  handled, one thing has remained constant – a commitment to individuals who need our help against the power of the government.

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