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David Riegner

David Riegner

Dr. David Riegner has been a materials analyst from Expert Service Provider, S-E-A since 2017. He earned his bachelor’s science degree in materials engineering from Iowa State University in 2011, where he also worked at the Department of Energy’s Ames Laboratory.

He completed his Master of Sciences and Doctor of Philosophy degrees in material science at The Ohio State University. After earning his PhD, David served as a post‑doctoral researcher and lecturer in the Ohio State Department of Material Science and Engineering.

David is a member of the ASM Failure Analysis Society, as well as the Association for Materials Protection and Performance, AMPP, and has volunteered time to local STEM outreach organizations.

At S-E-A, David works in conjunction with other disciplines and leads materials focused investigations, primarily focusing on fractography, which is the study of fracture surfaces, characterization and identification of materials, corrosion and environmental effects imaging.

This skillset allows the sequence of events leading up to and including a failure to be analyzed within the context of the observed physical damage. Other interesting capacities include development and execution of testing, product evaluation, and vehicle accident damage analysis.

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