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David McCraw

David McCraw

David McCraw is Deputy General Counsel of The New York Times Company and serves as the company’s principal newsroom lawyer. He is the author of the new book “Truth in Our Times: Inside the Fight for Press Freedom in the Age of Alternative Facts,” a first-person account of the legal battles that helped shape The Times’s coverage of Donald Trump, Harvey Weinstein, conflicts abroad, and Washington’s divisive politics. He is a visiting lecturer at Harvard Law School and an adjunct professor at the NYU Law School. Mr. McCraw is a graduate of the University of Illinois, Cornell University, and Albany Law School.

Guest Appearances
June 14, 2019

State Bar of Texas Annual Meeting 2019: Free Press and the First Amendment with David McCraw

David McCraw of the New York Times discusses the state of the free press, the impact of new tech on journalism, and the challenges we face in the future.