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David Madland

David Madland

Dr. David Madland is the Director of the American Worker Project and the Managing Director of the Economic Policy team at American Progress. He has written extensively about the economy and American politics on a range of topics including retirement policy, labor unions, and the minimum wage. Madland has appeared on the the PBS News Hour and CNN’s Crossfire. He has been cited in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and The Washington Post as well as been a guest on dozens of radio talk shows across the United States. David worked for Rep. George Miller (from California) and has testified before Congress and state legislatures.


Guest Appearances
September 19, 2014

Fighting for Fifteen: Does Increasing the Minimum Wage Help the Economy?

Worker groups around the country are demonstrating for the purpose of increasing the minimum wage while experts and policy makers debate the effect of such change. Proponents say a higher minimum wage...