David Fisher

David Fisher

David Fisher is the founder and CEO of Integra Ledger, a permissioned blockchain for the global legal industry that facilitates secure and efficient interoperability among law firms and their clients. It is designed to meet the special requirements of the legal industry, using distributed ledger technology to provide highly secure, private, and redundant access to information, as well as highly defined ownership and access rights to communications, documents, data, contracts, and smart contracts between and among law firms, clients, and invited third parties.

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Guest Appearances
January 24, 2018
Introducing the World’s Largest Legal Hackathon

Integra Ledger's David Fisher and Aileen Schultz talk about the Global Legal Hackathon, which aims to be the world's largest legal hackathon.

October 23, 2017
Changing the Legal Game with Blockchain

David Fisher talks about what blockchain is and its application in the legal industry.


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