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David Bonebrake

David Bonebrake

David Bonebrake has served as a Deputy Director in the Legal Services Corporation’s (LSC) Office of Program Performance since joining in April 2023, where he oversees LSC’s Disaster program and assists with the management of basic field grants. Before this, he was a Program Counsel with OPP’s Technology Initiative Grant (TIG) program, starting in 2010. In that role, he aided LSC grantees in adopting new technologies and developing strategies to operate more effectively and efficiently. He also provides technical assistance to LSC grantees on using technology to enhance their programs and services, offering guidance on a range of topics such as website development, information security, online intake, and remote service delivery. David has been actively involved in several LSC initiatives. He spearheaded an LSC initiative to evaluate legal aid statewide websites and played a key role in launching the Legal Aid Disaster Resource Center and the Heartland Flood Help websites, in collaboration with the Disaster team. Additionally, he has participated in approximately 20 Basic Field Grant Program Quality Visits at LSC, where he provides analysis of grantee intake systems and the integration of technology.

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