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David Beech

David Beech

David Beech is the CEO of the professional services firm Knights in the U.K. David has led the business, originally a law firm, since 2011. His vision for Knights is to become the leading regional professional services business in the U.K. David qualified as a corporate lawyer in 1990 and in the late 90’s turned to law firm management until 2004 when he left the law to raise and manage a private equity fund. He has brought these skills together by leading Knights to become the first commercial firm to raise external private equity investment in 2012 and to become today the fastest growing commercial firm in the U.K.

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January 12, 2017

Will Alternative Business Structures in U.K. Law Firms Cross the Pond?

David Beech, CEO of Knights discusses his professional services firm with a successful alternative business structure (ABS) in the U.K.