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Dave Pederson

Dave Pederson

Dave Pederson is an acclaimed filmmaker, best known for his work alongside Morgan Spurlock on the Academy Award nominated documentary “Super Size Me.” Pederson has been an entertainment professional and documentarian for more than 20 years with expertise in film and television production, development, sales and distribution. Other successes include the first internet to television show with MTV’s “I Bet You Will,” and the Cannes Award winning “The Third Wave.” His newest production is “Americonned,” a film that examines how, over the past few generations, millions in the American middle class have been pushed to the edge and even into poverty. Shamed into believing that if they tried harder things might work out, the middle class has been silent. No more. Americonned exposes the inside story, showing how corporations have wormed their way into government, laying out why the middle class should rise up, and how it should do it.

Guest Appearances
September 19, 2023

How A New Documentary Movie, “Americonned,” Relates To Workers’ Comp

Dave Pederson, producer of the new documentary “Americonned,” joins the podcast with thoughts on worker protections and the declining middle class.