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Daniel Steinberg

Daniel Steinberg

Daniel Steinberg is the Co-Founder and CEO of Lawbrokr™. He draws upon his experience in Professional Services, Marketing Technology, and Legal Technology to lead the pre-qualification platform that enhances the way clients interact with law firms.

The goal of Lawbrokr is to make accessing lawyers simple, fast, and effortless. The platform empowers law firms by putting them in control of their own demand and allowing them to be quick and responsive for engagements that align with their capabilities. By automating consumer and lawyer interactions across North America, Lawbrokr aims to create an immersive experience for all parties involved.

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April 24, 2023

How does positioning bring better leads? with Daniel Steinberg

How does positioning yourself online bring better leads to you and to your firm? It’s no secret that being present online is key to visibility and business growth, especially when it comes...