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Cristian Farias

Cristian Farias

Cristian Farias is a legal columnist for New York Magazine where he writes about the intersection of law and politics as they converge in national news stories in both English and español. Areas of commentary and analysis include the U.S. Supreme Court, civil rights issues, criminal justice, and related issues. He tries to crystallize for readers whether the Constitution and the rule of law matter, if at all, to the current administration. Cristian also covers national legal issues and the U.S. Supreme Court for HuffPost’s politics team. Here he does reporting, analysis, and commentary on civil rights, criminal justice, and legal affairs for the HuffPost Politics team, with a focus on decisions by the Supreme Court of the United States and other legal disputes.

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October 19, 2017

How To Explain The World To Non-Lawyers

Joe and Elie talk to Cristian Farias about producing a legal podcast non-lawyers listen to, and explaining the Supreme Court to a law audience.