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Claire Finkelstein

Claire Finkelstein

Claire Finkelstein is a professor of law and philosophy from University of Pennsylvania Carey Law School • Penn Law. Claire’s current research addresses national security law and policy, with a focus on ethical and rule of law issues that arise in that arena. In 2012, Professor Finkelstein founded Penn Law’s Center for Ethics and the Rule of Law (CERL), a non-partisan interdisciplinary institute that seeks to promote the rule of law in modern day conflict, warfare, and national security. Professor Finkelstein has briefed Pentagon officials, U.S. Senate staff, and JAG Corps members on various issues in national security law and practice.

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Guest Appearances
April 16, 2021

Cyberwarfare, U.S./Russia Relations, and Ukraine

Host Craig Willliams and professors Claire Finkelstein & General Charles J. Dunlap Jr., discuss the potential threat of cyber warfare, U.S./Russia relations, and Ukraine.