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Chris Dix

Chris Dix

Chris Dix is a technology-focused lawyer and CPA working in Smith Hulsey & Busey commercial litigation, sports litigation, and healthcare practice areas.

Chris has earned the CEDS (Certified E-Discovery Specialist) designation from the Association of Certified E-Discovery Specialists (ACEDS). He counsels the firm’s clients regarding compliance with e-discovery rules, resolution of e-discovery disputes and solutions for reducing the burden and expense of litigation involving electronic evidence.

Chris also provides cybersecurity and data privacy advice to clients regarding data breaches, cyberstalking, cyber harassment, social media and information governance

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Guest Appearances
June 28, 2019

Florida Bar Annual Convention 2019: Data Breach Update with Chris Dix and Ryan Bilbrey

Chris Dix and Ryan Bilbrey provide a fresh look at data breaches, exploring their causes, effects, and costs, as well as how to respond to a breach at your firm or of...