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Charles Patterson

Charles Patterson

Charles Patterson is the founder and president of Exec Security TSCM, specializing in Technical Surveillance Countermeasures – often referred to as electronic bug sweeps – and has been providing security sweeps for corporations and high profile clientele for over 20 years. Charles began his career in 1978 working in executive protection and technical security services, traveling throughout the United States and over forty different countries. During that time he gained extensive experience with many technologies including two-way radio, telecom, audio systems, video surveillance, and many others. That led him to start his own business in 1995, specializing in TSCM. Exec Security is one of the few full time, professional providers of electronic TSCM sweeps in the United States serving major corporations, attorneys, and private investigation firms throughout the US and the world.

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March 14, 2017

Electronic Security Sweeps for Law Firms and their Clients

Guest Charles Patterson talks about TSCM and how this extra level of security can ensure a lawyer's private information stays private.