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Charles J. Dunlap Jr.

Charles J. Dunlap Jr.

General Charles J. Dunlap Jr. is the former deputy judge advocate general of the United States Air Force, professor of the practice of law at Duke Law, and Executive Director of the Center on Law, Ethics and National Security. His teaching and scholarly writing focus on national security, international law, civil-military relations, cyberwar, airpower, military justice, and ethical issues related to the practice of national security law. Charlie retired from the Air Force in June 2010, having attained the rank of major general during a 34-year career in the Judge Advocate General Corps. Charlie also writes the popular blog, Lawfire.

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Guest Appearances
April 16, 2021

Cyberwarfare, U.S./Russia Relations, and Ukraine

Host Craig Willliams and professors Claire Finkelstein & General Charles J. Dunlap Jr., discuss the potential threat of cyber warfare, U.S./Russia relations, and Ukraine.