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Casey Kuhlman

Casey Kuhlman

Casey Kuhlman is the CEO of Monax which is building a platform for smart contracts and legal applications of blockchain technology. Prior to cofounding Monax, Casey was the head of legal information systems at the US Open Data Institute. A lawyer and international development practitioner for nearly a decade, Casey has worked extensively in the Horn of Africa, including cofounding the first law firm in Somaliland which he was the Managing Partner of for over four years. Casey has also been a New York Times bestselling author, an infantry officer in the Marines, and is an avid participant in open source software development.

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Guest Appearances
November 16, 2017

MIT Legal Forum 2017: Lawyers Outsmarting their Smart Contacts

Casey Kuhlman talks about what smart contracts really are, how they work, and how dual integration can maintain the role of lawyers within the process.