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Bryan E. Wilson, the Texas Law Hawk

Bryan E. Wilson, the Texas Law Hawk

Loud and proud of his Texas roots, Bryan E. Wilson was born and raised in Fort Worth. Bryan, otherwise known as the Texas Law Hawk, is licensed as an attorney and counselor at law, admitted to practice in state courts by the Supreme Court of Texas. Recently, Fort Worth, Texas Magazine selected Bryan as a 2015 Top Attorney of Tarrant County in Criminal Law with under five years of practice. In January of 2016, Above the Law honored Bryan with the 2015 Lawyer of the Year award for showing “the world that yes, lawyers can have a sense of humor.” Bryan has been featured or interviewed by many publications including CNN, Fox News, Huffington Post, and ABC News.

Guest Appearances
January 18, 2017

#103: Viral Video Marketing (and Yelling), with the Texas Law Hawk, Bryan Wilson

Bryan Wilson, the Texas Law Hawk, explains how he got started making outrageous viral videos and has some tips for lawyers who want to make videos of their own.

September 22, 2016

Clio Cloud 2016: Texas Law Hawk Gets Loud About Marketing

“Texas Law Hawk” Bryan Wilson talks about viral marketing in the legal industry and the power of branding.