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Brandon Bramley

Brandon Bramley

Brandon Bramley is the Founder of The Salary Negotiator. He has a background in strategic negotiations from working in many professional negotiation roles at a few large companies, including Amazon and American Airlines, where he’s not only led multi-million-dollar business-to-business negotiations but has also recruited and hired many career professionals. He also has over 10 years of experience in negotiating salaries and currently runs The Salary Negotiator, where he provides professional job offer and salary negotiation coaching to help individuals navigate the job offer negotiation process confidently, and earn competitive compensation. He’s coached clients through hundreds of salary negotiations with companies ranging in size from small businesses and startups to some of the largest global corporations. 

Guest Appearances
October 12, 2023

#470: Navigating Compensation Discussions, with Brandon Bramley

As lawyers, we often negotiate for our clients. But are we able to negotiate for ourselves? In this episode, Stephanie talks with Brandon Bramley, Founder of The Salary Negotiator.   Learn common misperceptions...