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Bobby Steinbach

Bobby Steinbach

Bobby is a founding partner at MeanPug Digital where he leads development and marketing efforts. Bobby is maniacal about two core tenets of the MeanPug philosophy: Integration across the full operational stack is crucial to marketing success and there’s no room for a “that isn’t our job” mentality in a successful marketing team. With 10+ years leading teams at startups and large law firms alike, he has a track record of successfully taking products and brands to market through the combination of intelligently blended software x marketing. 

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August 22, 2023

#461: Using Project Management to Tame the Chaos, with Bobby Steinbach from MeanPug(Sponsored)

Learn how MeanPug, a law firm marketing company, manages a multitude of projects, tasks, and workflows within their company. Listen–in as Zack talks with founding partner, Bobby Steinbach, about their project management...