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Bob Anderson

Bob Anderson

As managing director in the global legal technology solutions practice and information security segment lead at Navigant, Bob Anderson collaborates with clients to tackle their most critical security issues to safeguard against adversity and ensure that risks are managed rigorously. As a former national security executive with the FBI, his unique expertise in industry-leading cybersecurity threats and incident response strategies are instrumental in helping clients manage and protect their businesses. Having been directly involved in investigating and prosecuting some of the most famous spies in U.S. history, Anderson is an expert in theft of proprietary/trade secrets investigations. He has been retained as an expert witness in several ongoing litigations. Anderson and his team perform criminal and cyber investigations worldwide, conducting forensic analyses to determine how an incident occurred, assess whether there is evidence of information compromise, and identify affected individuals through data mining. By combining computer forensic expertise with investigative, modern technical data mining; endpoint monitoring; and industry knowledge; the team provides expert information security solutions to companies, law firms, cyber insurers, and healthcare brokers, assisting with regulatory responses when necessary. After serving with the FBI for over 20 years, Anderson is a recognized expert in cybersecurity, incidence response, cyber hacking, counterintelligence, and economic espionage. He has directed strategic initiatives and operations for high-profile international investigations in partnership with several Fortune 50 companies, the U.S. Departments of Defense, Justice, Energy, and Treasury, the U.S. Intelligence Community, and other federal agencies.

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Guest Appearances
February 9, 2018

FISA and the Nunes Memo

Bob Anderson and John Malcolm discuss the release of the Nunes memo, impact, the Democrat’s response to the memo, FISA, and the legalities surrounding this release.