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Bill Hooks

Bill Hooks

Bill Hooks is Director of Advocacy at Montana Legal Services Association (MLSA). He joined MLSA following a career as a criminal defense attorney in state government and in private practice. Bill served for five years as Chief Public Defender for Montana’s Office of the Public Defender. He also served as Chief Appellate Defender for eight years, and worked in private practice representing clients in state and federal courts. In 2006 the Montana Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers named Bill its Criminal Defense Lawyer of the Year. Bill is a recipient of the State Bar of Montana’s Local Professionalism Award.

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December 26, 2023

Causes and Consequences of Eviction

Experts discuss a new report on the causes and consequences of eviction in Montana, as well as the impact of eviction on U.S. children. The recently released “Montana Eviction Impact Report: Beyond Housing...