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Ben Balter

Ben Balter

Ben Balter is the Senior Manager of Product Management at GitHub, the world’s largest software development network where he oversees the platform’s Community and Safety efforts for more than 100 million software projects. In the simplest terms, Ben builds systems that empower open source software maintainers to grow inclusive and healthy communities around their projects, ensuring that users don’t have to risk their privacy or personal safety to participate in the open source community.

Ben believes that open source software development is the future of all software development, and if we can make open source friendlier, more welcoming, and more diverse, the software that the industry produces will not only be representative of a wider range of users, but undoubtedly be better as a result.

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February 6, 2019

#210: Rules for Communication in a Remote Workplace, with Ben Balter

Ben Balter talks about what GitHub is, why GitHub isn’t for lawyers, and some rules for communication and knowledge management that we can all take away from GitHub’s model.