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Barrett Robin

Barrett Robin

Barrett Robin is a skilled trial attorney with Hamilton Wingo, LLP. His primary focus is on personal injury and business litigation. After more than five years practicing at renowned global law firms, Barrett realized his true calling was to represent real people facing an uphill battle to obtain justice. Having represented large corporations and insurance companies in complex commercial and personal injury cases, Barrett is uniquely situated to hold big companies accountable and obtain meaningful results for individuals harmed by their negligence.

Barrett’s passion for advocacy and helping others fuels his innate desire to stand up and fight for people who would otherwise find themselves outmatched by a well-funded opponent that cares more about profits than doing what is right. As a trial attorney, he has experience with depositions, motion practice, settlement negotiations, and presenting evidence and arguing cases in the courtroom before a judge and jury as well as in arbitration. Barrett takes pride in his ability to translate complicated facts into a compelling narrative that is easy for a jury to understand and identify with. His competitive nature, tenacious personality, and perpetual drive to win places him in a position to secure favorable outcomes for his clients at or before trial.

Outside of work, Barrett is a family man who appreciates every moment spent with his wife, Lindsey, and their son, Hutch. On weekends, the Robin family can often be found roaming the neighborhoods of Oak Cliff with their dogs, Charley and Jefferson. Barrett is also a health and fitness aficionado, and when time permits, he loves spending time outdoors enjoying nature.

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