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Ashton Addison

Ashton Addison

Ashton Addison is a business degree graduate, entrepreneur, and digital enthusiast with experience in computer technology, webdev, SEO and internet marketing, finance and financial markets, accounting, economics, cryptocurrency, blockchains, and distributed blockchain technologies. Mr. Addison has been involved in the cryptocurrency community since 2013 including contributing at local bitcoin meetups and acting as a researcher and independent journalist under his own fintech news broadcasting networks the Crypto Coin Show and EventChain Media. Ashton founded EventChain.io a Smart Ticketing platform on the Ethereum blockchain designed to solve a long list of issues with the centralized event ticketing industry. EventChain is the evolution of traditional event ticketing, integrating smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain with ticket sales to create a fully customized system where anyone can buy and sell Smart Tickets for events on a peer-to-peer market, all with no third party processing fees.

Guest Appearances
April 19, 2018

That’s the Ticket: Smart Contracts in the Ticketing Industry

Ashton Addison talks about the purpose and benefits of smart contracts both generally and in the ticketing industry specifically.