Art Bell

Art Bell

Art Bell is a former media executive best known for creating, building and managing successful cable television channels. He developed the concept of The Comedy Channel (which became Comedy Central) while at HBO and served as both Senior Vice President of Programming and Senior Vice President of Marketing and Promotion. After eight years at Comedy Central, Art became the President of Court TV, where he was the guiding force behind one of the most successful brand evolutions in cable television. While at Comedy Central, he co-authored a comedy book entitled, “WEB SIGHTINGS: A Collection of Websites We’d Like To See” (Pocket Books, 1996).

In early 2008, Art began consulting for the television and media business. However, he left consulting in 2017 to pursue writing. He has had several pieces published. His upcoming memoir chronicles his experiences at Comedy Central and is entitled, “Constant Comedy: How I Started Comedy Central and Lost my Sense of Humor.”

Thankfully, Art regained his sense of humor in March 2009.

In addition to writing, Art plays piano and jazz drums. Find out more about Art Bell at

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