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April Ferguson

April Ferguson

April J. Ferguson is the chief executive officer of Opveon Litigation Services, LLC and is the head of Opveon’s jury consulting practice. For her clients, April is a trust partner, a team player, and an invaluable asset to their litigation teams. She works tirelessly with trial teams to tell their client’s story in a way that resonates with jurors and creates in them a desire to be an advocate for that client in the jury deliberation room. Having worked on large pieces of complex litigation throughout the country, April’s expertise in the trial consulting arena has brought her an international client base, including top tier law firms and celebrities. The trial teams she has had the privilege of working with have been responsible for securing multi-million-dollar verdicts for their clients as well as helping large corporations obtain defense verdicts. April focuses her practice on theme development, mock trials, jury focus groups, and the use of technology in a litigation environment. Her case experience includes complex commercial litigation, personal injury, medical malpractice, products liability, energy law, employment law cases, white collar criminal defense, eminent domain, construction disputes, Qui Tam actions, major environmental cases, and trucking litigation, among others. April has been involved in over 150 jury trials throughout the course of her career. Her experience in the courtroom, combined with her jury research practice, gives April a unique perspective into the judicial system, which clients find invaluable. She is a member of the American Society of Trial Consultants, the Association of Litigation Support Professionals, the Product Liability Defense Group, the Trucking Industry Defense Association, and is an associate member of the Tulsa County Bar Association.

Guest Appearances
July 31, 2018

The Important Role of a Trial Consultant

April Ferguson explains trial consultants and why they are important roles to play in the courtroom.