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Anne Brafford

Anne Brafford

Anne Brafford (JD, MAPP, PhD in progress) is a former equity partner at Morgan, Lewis, & Bockius LLP and the founder of Aspire, an educational and consultancy firm for the legal profession. She earned a Master’s degree in Applied Positive Psychology (MAPP) from University of Pennsylvania and has completed her doctoral coursework in positive organizational psychology from Claremont Graduate University. Her focus is on the many aspects of law firm culture that boost engagement and well-being and avoid burnout, such as meaningful work, positive leadership, high-quality motivation, advancement of women lawyers, and more.

Anne is the author of an ABA-published book titled Positive Professionals, is the co-chair of the ABA Law Practice Division’s Attorney Well-Being Committee, and was the Editor in Chief and co-author of the National Task Force on Lawyer Well-Being’s recent report: The Path to Lawyer Well-Being: Practical Recommendations for Positive Change. She was also appointed by the two most recent ABA Presidents to the Presidential Working Group formed to investigate how legal employers can support healthy work environments. In her work with that group, Anne created the freely-available ABA Well-Being Toolkit for Lawyers and Legal Employers. She is also a Trusted Advisor to the legal profession’s Professional Development Consortium.

Guest Appearances
July 11, 2019

The Mindful Law Firm—Using Positivity to Increase Well-Being

Anne Brafford offers strategies firms can implement to effectively prioritize lawyer health and well-being.

June 20, 2019

The Science Behind the Attorney Mental Health Crisis

Anne Brafford talks about going from big law to psychology, her book, “Positive Professionals,” and discusses the various aspects of lawyer health and well-being.