Andy M. Hale

Andy M. Hale

Andy M. Hale, ESQ, is an Emmy-nominated documentary film producer and attorney with over 30 years of experience in civil rights and commercial litigation matters. He and his co-founder, Brian T. Monico, joined forces in 2019 to create Hale & Monico – America’s Justice Attorneys – where they specialize in civil rights, commercial litigation, personal injury, medical malpractice, and wrongful death cases. Andy began his career as a litigator in Orlando, Florida, and later worked in the Chicago and Los Angeles offices of a large national law firm, focusing his practice on a variety of commercial litigation and entertainment litigation matters. Since moving back to his hometown Chicago over twenty years ago, Andy has focused his trial practice on civil rights cases.

It was in Chicago where he began his career as a filmmaker and producer, shining a light on the issue of wrongful convictions. His Netflix documentary entitled “A Murder In the Park” lead to the exoneration of Alstory Simon after sixteen years of wrongful incarceration. His documentary “Wrong Cat” follows his client Cleve Heidelberg Jr.’s struggle to prove his innocence after forty-seven years of wrongful incarceration. Andy has also produced short documentary films regarding social justice issues, including “Bullets Have No Names,” which addresses gun violence in Chicago, as well as “98 Seconds,” which sheds light on the issue of sexual assault. Andy also hosted an Emmy nominated television show in Chicago for several years – “Case Files Chicago” – which highlighted and attempted to solve many of Chicago’s most well-known “cold cases.” Andy’s legal case regarding a deathbed image of President Abraham Lincoln was featured in the documentary “Lost Lincoln” that premiered on the Discovery network. Finally, Andy was also an executive producer of the documentary “White Boy” that chronicled the case of Rick Wershe, a 17-year old from Detroit who was sentenced to life in prison for a non-violent drug offense. This story was also depicted in the Hollywood blockbuster “White Boy Rick” starring Matthew McConaughey.

Andy’s documentary films have been featured on Netflix, Showtime, and Discovery, and his court cases have been prominently featured in publications such as NYTimes, Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, Chicago Sun-Times, and Crain’s Chicago Business. Andy currently represents Chester Weger in his fight to prove his innocence in the case of the Starved Rock Murders, and recently won the rights to test the DNA in the case for the first time ever. Additionally, he played a crucial role in Chester receiving parole after 60 years of claiming his innocence in this case.

Guest Appearances
November 17, 2022

Starved Rock Murders: The Case for Chester Weger’s Innocence

In March 1960, Illinois Starved Rock State Park became the site of the brutal murder and possible sexual assault of three middle-aged women who were visiting the park from nearby Chicago. Authorities...