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Ameet Khabra

Ameet Khabra

As a veteran PPC advertising specialist, Ameet Khabra has helped her clients achieve as high as a 500% increased ROI from their digital advertising campaigns. 

Her work has included managing over $4 million in ad spend for a single client, as well as providing meaningful and measurable results for startups and small businesses. Her agency (Hop Skip Media) has carved out a position as a highly-effective PPC campaign management solution provider. They take accounts from zero to hero, working from scratch as well as taking over from other firms to get results for their clients. 

Guest Appearances
January 16, 2023

How do you make PPC work for your firm? with Ameet Khabra

How do you make Pay Per Click (PPC) work for your firm?   What’s the difference between PPC, SEO and Local Ads? Can they work cohesively together or should they be used...