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Allegra Lawrence Hardy

Allegra Lawrence Hardy

Allegra Lawrence-Hardy is a Founding Partner and Litigator at the Lawrence-Bundy law firm. Lawrence-Hardy is an accomplished litigator, known for her skill in trying cases, negotiating complex settlements, and finding creative solutions.

Allegra has successfully defended Fortune 100 companies throughout the United States and abroad in numerous trials and arbitrations. With over twenty years of legal experience, Allegra advises clients daily on a wide range of complex litigation, election law, political law, voting rights, and labor and employment issues. She helps develop processes and tools for improving the efficiency and delivery of legal services, and often shares her deep litigation knowledge as a prolific author and sought-after speaker.

Guest Appearances
November 1, 2022

Election Law: The Fight for Voter Protection and Election Integrity

With just a week until the 2022 midterm elections, several voters are already hitting the polls; and conversations surrounding election laws, voter protection and election integrity have once again been brought to...