Alisha M. Winterswyk

Alisha M. Winterswyk

Alisha M. Winterswyk is an attorney from Best Best & Krieger, LLP. Alisha Winterswyk’s practice centers on advising public and private clients on an array of state and federal environmental laws, with a specific focus on the California Environmental Quality Act and the National Environmental Policy Act. A partner in the Best Best & Krieger LLP’s Environmental Law & Natural Resources practice group, Alisha regularly counsels clients on the substantive and procedural mandates of CEQA/NEPA. When her clients face legal challenges to their decisions or projects, Alisha successfully and zealously defends those clients in court. Throughout her career, Alisha has reviewed and/or drafted hundreds of CEQA-related documents.

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Guest Appearances
September 29, 2023

Environmental Law Series: Part Two: NEPA & CEQA: Courts, City Councils, Environmental Consequences, & Filing Lawsuits

Attorney Alisha M. Winterswyk continues the discussion on NEPA and CEQA, by moving into the specifics of how courts deal with decisions by city councils that deal with environmental consequences, and how...

August 4, 2023

Environmental Law Series: The National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) and The California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA)

Alisha M. Winterswyk, an attorney from Best Best & Krieger, LLP discusses NEPA and CEQA, impact, and purpose.