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Aileen Schultz

Aileen Schultz

Aileen Schultz is the director of network intelligence at Integra Ledger, a permissioned blockchain for the global legal industry and secure and efficient interoperability among law firms and their clients. She is also head fractal ambassador and founder of Fractal Scale, a digital strategy firm that provides marketing and digital business solutions for developers, entrepreneurs, startups and SMB’s that don’t need, nor can afford a full-time in house team. Previously, she was the director of marketing and communications at Functional Imperative.

Guest Appearances
March 1, 2018

Checking in from from Toronto, NYC, and Denver

Trent Carlyle and Chad Jolly from Denver and Aileen Schultz from Toronto, Canada talk to David Fisher and Laurence Colletti in New York about Global Legal Hackathon updates.

January 24, 2018

Introducing the World’s Largest Legal Hackathon

Integra Ledger's David Fisher and Aileen Schultz talk about the Global Legal Hackathon, which aims to be the world's largest legal hackathon.