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Adam Reiman

Adam Reiman

Guest Adam Reiman is director of coaching and live events at, joining the company this year after a long informal relationship. Prior to that, Reiman was director of sales at The Rainmaker Institute; a managing member of Camelback Casualty; and business development sales manager at Corporate Express. He has worked on-site with hundreds of law firms providing coaching services and process improvement consulting. He regularly conducts live marketing boot camps, is a frequent presenter at legal conferences, and he routinely “secret shops” thousands of law firms. Reiman consistently stresses the power of the people, processes, and software that drive growth. He earned his bachelor’s degree from the University of Arizona. provides a ​targeted experience for consumers ​urgently needing a qualified and interested lawyer. ​With eight years of matching experience and technology development, ​makes thousands of lawyer connections each week.

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October 25, 2022

Acquisition Best Practices: Learning To Love Your Leads

Acquisition, getting new clients “from contact to contract,” is vital to your success. So why are so many firms struggling at the most basic levels? Guest Adam Reiman, director of coaching and...