Abdi Shayesteh

Abdi Shayesteh

Abdi Shayesteh is the founder and CEO of the legal training firm AltaClaro. A former “big law” associate, Shayesteh held several law firm and in-house positions before forming AltaClaro’s online platform that links lawyers to experienced legal professionals who provide the mentorship and counseling necessary to advance their legal careers.

Throughout his big firm experience, Shayesteh says the biggest frustration he had was that his legal education didn’t adequately prepare him to practice law.

“In every setting, it was about sink or swim,” he says. “You come into these places, and there’s no guide, there’s no book, there’s no mentor.” 

AltaClaro was founded with the purpose of transforming the way attorneys gain and share expertise, redefining professional development for lawyers by providing them with universal access to experiential education taught by leading practitioners. AltaClaro is an online learning platform that provides attorneys with access to interactive professional education, including one-on-one or small group practical skills training, CLE programing, and professional development courses.

Shayesteh earned his bachelor’s degree at the University of California San Diego and his JD at Santa Clara University School of Law. 

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November 28, 2023

Training Lawyers For Success || Meeting The Need For Legal Education

Face it, most law school graduates aren’t prepared to practice law. Guest Abdi Shayesteh founded AltaClaro, a firm dedicated to real-world legal training.