Keith Conrad

Keith Conrad

Keith Conrad is the Managing Director of Verbatim DS, a woman-owned boutique firm focused on helping small law firms operate more effectively and increase profits. Keith spent twenty-two years in Washington DC as a legal operations and technology executive helping AmLaw 100 law firms and government regulatory agencies with their technology and business management needs. His legal operations and regulatory experience mean that he doesn’t just know the buzzwords; he understands the concepts, the “business” of law. He specializes in translating complex legal processes and technology into efficient and highly effective law firm processes.

Keith left Washington, DC, to help smaller firms become more efficient, competitive, and profitable.

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March 20, 2023

Why you need to be secure with technology with Keith Conrad

With the rising attacks on cybersecurity, AI technology evolving, and significant advances to our technology, why do you need to be secure with technology? And better yet, HOW do you do it?...