‘Talk Justice’ seeks to amplify ‘unexpected’ voices in support of civil legal aid

Aiming for a wider reach and audience, the civil legal aid podcast Talk Justice has joined the Legal Talk Network.

Produced by the Legal Services Corporation, the podcast features a rotating lineup of hosts covering civil legal aid funding and access to justice.

LSC views the podcast as a way to better communicate with legal aid providers and with public officials, the public, and the business community.

LSC President Ronald Flagg

LSC President Ronald Flagg, a regular podcast host, is particularly interested in amplifying unexpected voices, including sports figures and business leaders. 

The most recent discussion focuses on why access to justice matters to American business.

In the episode, Flagg speaks with Merck & Co. Chairman Kenneth C. Frazier, Home Depot General Counsel Teresa Wynn Roseborough, Carlyle Group co-founder David M. Rubenstein, and Hewlett-Packard Enterprise Chief Operating Officer John F. Schultz. 

“People don’t expect CEOs of Fortune 100 companies and a chairman of one of the most significant capital companies in the world to have an interest in civil legal aid, but they do,” Flagg says.

Launched in August 2020, Talk Justice regularly features politicians, bar leaders, judges, and legal services providers on the front lines of the access to justice crisis.

Communications through the podcast and webinars ramped over the last year as the pandemic thrust poverty law issues into the spotlight. Access to healthcare, unemployment, housing, and domestic violence issues are all longtime civil legal aid matters. But the pandemic focused national attention from key policymakers and media in new ways.  

Plus, with mass job losses, many more Americans found they needed and qualified for legal aid. Access to civil justice became a topic of conversation among a wider audience.

Talk Justice, Flagg says, is a vehicle for alerting policymakers to what’s happening in on the ground. At the same time, the podcast helps LSC share successful strategies and tactics with providers. 

The first Talk Justice episode on the Legal Talk Network was published on Aug. 10, covering President Biden’s executive order re-establishing the White House Legal Aid Interagency Roundtable. 

Upcoming shows will feature topics covering the pandemic’s impact on the opioid crisis and recovery community. Another show will feature how state attorneys general can more effectively work with legal aid providers to serve low-income Americans.

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Talk Justice, An LSC Podcast

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