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Black Widow v. Disney | Victim blaming in politics | DIY in complex cases

Shuttered during the pandemic, movie theaters are only slowly opening capacity and drawing modest audiences. What impact did the shutdown and digital-first releases have on the pocketbooks of superstars headlining the films?

On Legal Talk Today, Laurence Colletti takes us behind the scenes with Prof. Jon Garon to discuss Scarlett Johansonn’s breach of contract suit against Disney for its simultaneous release of the movie Black Widow.

Garon identifies the strengths and weaknesses of the case and whether the law and her lawyers will be able to avenge her losses. He also places bets on what impact the litigation will have on Hollywood contracts.

Legal Talk Today

Black Widow vs. Disney

The politics of sexual harassment

High-level, high-profile sexual harassment allegations are abundant, regardless of one’s political party. Just for starters, think Andrew Cuomo.

In a fascinating interview about why we do or don’t believe victims, Lawyer 2 Lawyer host Craig Williams interviews Syracuse University Prof. Rebecca Ortiz. 

The two discuss which party is more likely to pressure accused leaders to step down and face consequences, and how entrenched party loyalties play a role in victim-blaming.

Ortiz shares her latest research on willingness to blame and explains social identity and how social identity threats impact a willingness to believe or blame a victim.

Lawyer 2 Lawyer

Sexual Harassment & Politics

Self-help tools for complex legal matters

The Scarlett Johansonns of the world have the means to afford legal teams for whatever legal dispute comes their way. The Sonja Ebrons? Not so much. 

Ebron speaks with Legal Rebels Podcast host Lyle Moran about the personal legal battles she experienced that led her to launch Courtroom5, an online tool that supports pro se litigants as they navigate complex civil matters.

While there are many online self-help tools for small claims and traffic matters, Ebron explains she saw a void when it came to tools for fighting debt collection, child custody matters, medical malpractice, and other complex cases.

ABA Journal: Legal Rebels

This online platform aims to help pro se litigants with complex civil cases

10 tips for better electronic evidence reporting

Lawyers tend to use jargon like it’s a second language. Add in expert reports to legal matters, and the issue of clarity can be exacerbated exponentially.

Craig Ball addresses his ESI pet peeves on Digital Detectives by sharing ten tips for creating more useful reports that lead to better comprehension by the non-experts in the room.

First tip on the list: Answer the question you were hired to answer. By this, Ball explains to Sharon Nelson and John Simek that it’s important to frame the answer in a way that makes sense to the lawyers and those who will be reviewing reports in court.

Digital Detectives

Ten Tips for Better ESI Expert Reports from Craig Ball

Risks and expected insurance claims involved with the 5G rollout

As greater access to broadband comes in the form of enhanced mobile capacity through 5G, infrastructure is building in states, counties, cities, and neighborhoods across the country.

Best’s Insurance Law Podcast host John Czuba interviews governmental regulatory lawyer Michael Watza about potential health risks of small-cell transmitters placed in populated areas. 

Watza explains why many believe that radio frequency health claims will arise involving cell phones and new towers.

Best’s Insurance Law Podcast

How the Rollout of 5G Could Affect Insurance Claims

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