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Law schools ranked by employment | IRL office debate | A Declaration of Independence reading

Rankings of all sorts can be controversial, especially for those being ranked when their numbers never materialize or slip. Yet, they continue to be incredibly important for the marketing of law schools, law firms, etc. 

As long as consumers and clients care about rankings, they will exist. 

On Thinking Like a Lawyer, Joe Patrice, Kathryn Rubino, and Chris Williams review Above the Law’s law school rankings. They share the top of the list and discuss ATL’s rankings model, which relies on employment outcomes.

They also interviewed Williams, the newest member of the ATL team, about his expertise with memes and why he decided to go to law school on earth.

Come for the rankings chat but stay for a discussion of the associate who billed 2,000 hours to a closed matter. How could this happen? Rants ensue.

Above the Law - Thinking Like a Lawyer

So, You’re Saying Billing To Non-Existent Matters Is Frowned Upon?

Raging debate: Should we go back to the office full time? 

While companies (and law firms) create hybrid workplaces, go fully remote, or require employees to return by date certain, there are no shortages of opinions on the topic.

Dennis Kennedy and Tom Mighell debate the merits of force returns during the latest Kennedy-Mighell Report. Mighell explains how lawyers, traditional late adopters, now have a perfect opportunity to create innovative solutions. Before a quick return to “normal,” Mighell and Kennedy discuss how to benefit from lessons learned during the pandemic.

Kennedy-Mighell Report

Don’t Make Me Go Back to the Office!

Listening, hearing then taking action

In the ABA Journal’s continuing series on the impact of Covid-19 on the legal profession, Asked & Answered host Stephanie Ward interviews law school dean Hari Osofsky about the shift to online learning and the future of legal education.

Osofsky, the current dean at Penn State Law who will be dean of Northwestern’s Pritzker School of Law, shares her strategy for listening to those who need to be heard and following up with actions and approaches grounded in that listening.

ABA Journal: Asked and Answered

Saying yes has been part of this law school dean’s strategy during the COVID-19 pandemic

A tech spring cleaning for your law firm & Duck, Duck Gray Duck, explained

Following a recounting of a childhood trauma, Legal Toolkit host Jared Correia interviews Jess Birken about eliminating waste from law practice management.

Birken shares tech tips, including the effective use of scheduling and calendaring tools, before she and Correia demonstrate why Minnesota is so great.

Legal Toolkit

Growing Up Quickly; Law Firm Spring Cleaning; and “How Minnesota is That”

What the wifi?

The new “Amazon Sidewalk” is arriving at a Ring Doorbell or Echo near you. Did you know? Do you care that you have to opt-out rather than opt-in to the “free” wireless network leveraging private devices dotting the nation? 

Legal Talk Today’s host Laurence Colletti interviews Bryant Walker Smith about the new network, its pros and cons, and privacy implications.

Legal Talk Today

Amazon’s Trojan Horse is Alive!

Happy July 4th

Before celebrating the nation’s independence with fireworks and BBQ, listen to the words that ignited the spirit of the holiday.

This LTT episode features a reading of the Declaration of Independence by Legal Talk Network Executive Producer Laurence Colletti.

Legal Talk Today

Declaration of Independence

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