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Pricing and hirability | New Solo crash course | Elder fraud on the rise

At the top end of the legal profession, in terms of pay, salary wars are well underway. Starting associate salaries have jumped over the $200K mark and are rising.

But for much of the rest of the market, pricing takes on a whole other set of issues and consumer market pressures. Solo and small firm lawyers struggle to set competitive prices. With LegalZoom chomping at their heels, there’s a fear that hourly and project rates too low to make the practice worth the effort.

On Lunch Hour Legal Marketing, Cio’s COO George Psiharis takes on the controversial topic of lawyer pricing and hirability. Along with hosts Gyi Tsakalakis and Conrad Saam, Psiharis explores the disconnect between lawyers and clients regarding how they each value pricing.

Psiharis also shares some examples of ways lawyers can justify higher prices and leverage tech tools to improve communication and set client expectations.

Lunch Hour Legal Marketing

Pricing to Get Hired: Bridging the Gap Between Lawyers & Clients

Ready-made primer on going solo 

The New Solo podcast aims to offer practical, actionable advice for lawyers opting to strike out on their own. Brand new solo Dean Blachford can attest that the advice is sound. He’s a New Solo super fan who binged every episode.

With host Adriana Linares, Blachford reveals his CliffsNotes guide to using the podcast as a primer on going solo. Organized in five categories, the Canadian tax lawyer shares what he found most valuable from more than a dozen episodes.

New Solo

A Listener’s Guide to the New Solo Back Catalog

Spotting and stopping a rising scourge of elder fraud

Inexplicably, there are people in this world who prey on the elderly and other vulnerable populations. The pandemic worsened the problem, making more and more people susceptible to fraud.

On Legal Talk Today, host Laurence Colletti interviews Atlanta lawyer Josh Jones from the Senior and Vulnerable Investor Group at Bressler, Amery & Ross. Jones provides an overview of the issue, spotting someone who might be at risk and how to help.

Legal Talk Today

Elder Fraud on the Rise

Modernizing a high-profile civil rights org

Legal technology expert Natalie Kelly shares how she’s used her experience serving State Bar of Georgia members to modernize the legal operations at the storied Southern Poverty Law Center.

As an expert in workflow and efficiency, Kelly has leveraged technology to improve collaboration and help the center advance its impact litigation in civil rights and social justice. 

Digital Edge hosts Jim Calloway and Sharon Nelson interview Kelly about her new role and challenges she’s tackling first.

The Digital Edge

The Southern Poverty Law Center: A View From the Inside

Making wellness and wellbeing a priority

It’s one thing to know at an intellectual level that wellbeing is critical to health and happiness. Yet, it’s something altogether different to make wellness and wellbeing a priority.

On the ABA Law Student Podcast, host Meg Steenburgh interviews lawyer and mental health expert Patrick Krill about pervasive issues in the legal field and how lawyers can seek help.

ABA Law Student Podcast

Mental Health in the Legal Profession

Following the wellbeing thread, the Lawyerist Podcast hosts therapist Sherry Walling, who talks about what it looks like for lawyers to carry their clients’ trauma.

Lawyerist Podcast

#334: Carrying your Client’s Trauma, with Sherry Walling

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