New experience-driven podcast takes holistic view of litigators

Focused on guests’ deep experience and expertise, the producers and hosts of the new Litigation Radio podcast are exploring the lives and practices of litigators.

Produced monthly, shows are carefully planned to cover what it’s like to be a litigator, from finding purpose to understanding the history, nuances, and controversies of attorney-client privilege.

Dave Scriven-Young
Host Dave Scriven-Young

With Chicago-based litigator Dave Scriven-Young as host, Litigation Radio seeks to go beyond sharing substantive information and instead reveal the people, struggles and successes that make up a long-term litigation practice. 

Scriven-Young’s interview with veteran litigator and author Edna Selan Epstein is a case in point.

Rather than focus exclusively on Epstein’s respected work and study of attorney-client privilege, Scriven-Young’s wide-ranging interview covers Epstein’s fascinating background as a young mother pursuing a law degree during a time of political upheaval. 

“We try to find the best guests possible who have interesting stories to tell, great information to share, or perspectives that are not widely shared,” says Scriven-Young, who honed his podcast skills as host of the Lawyer Lifestyle Podcast

Darryl Wilson
Segment host Darryl Wilson

Following Scriven-Young’s interviews, segment host Darryl Wilson provides practical tips on topics related to the particular episode’s interview subject. 

The show, produced by the ABA’s Litigation Section with Legal Talk Network, is aimed at litigators at all practice levels, age groups, and practice settings, emphasizing helping litigators develop “sustainable practices.”

“There have been too many stories about litigators burning out, having health concerns, and leaving the law,” Scriven-Young says. “So the podcast will strive to devote episodes to support litigators who are dealing with these issues.”

Wilson says the podcast is taking a holistic approach to life as a litigator. 

“The podcast will have episodes that cover both professional and personal life balances to create the best litigators,” he says. “The episodes will cover many different themes that lawyers encounter in the profession and offer practical tips to help lawyers ‘sustain’ their practice and be the best version of themselves.”

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