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Editor’s picks: The Varsity Blues mastermind | Open carry bans | Right to counsel’s complex matrix

When you have a child, it’s only natural to want to assure they have all the advantages you can afford. When that child has all the benefits, why would the parents need to cheat to get them into college?

The Netflix documentary “Operation Varsity Blues: The College Admissions Scandal” explores the motivations behind the largest college admissions scandal prosecuted by the Justice Department. 

Along with her Wall Street Journal colleague Melissa Korn, Jennifer Levitz covered the scandal from the start. She speaks with Legal Talk Today host Laurence Colletti about their coverage and the development of their true-crime book, “Unacceptable: Privilege, Deceit & the Making of the College Admissions Scandal.”

Levitz takes listeners behind the scenes, offering insights about the parents involved and the scheme’s mastermind, Rick Singer.

Legal Talk Today

Varsity Blues (behind the scenes)

Open carry litigation state of play

On the heels of another round of mass shootings, the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of appeals effectively upheld Hawaii’s ban on openly carrying firearms. 

Lawyer 2 Lawyer host Craig Williams discusses the controversial case Young v. Hawaii and the current state of open carry with Prof. Eric Ruben, a Second Amendment expert researching self-defense issues and the right to keep and bear arms.

Lawyer 2 Lawyer

Open Carry Laws, Public Safety, and Young v. Hawaii

Counsel in guardianship cases make a huge difference

There’s no need to convince me that being represented by counsel can level the playing field. But the Supreme Court and states haven’t reached a consensus on whether the right to counsel extends to civil cases. 

On the ABA Law Student Podcast, host Meg Steenburgh talks with John Pollock about the complex access-to-counsel landscape, emphasizing guardianship cases.

Pollock, National Coalition for a Civil Right to Counsel, gives an overview of efforts to convince states that requiring representation, at least in guardianship cases, not only protects individuals but results in cost savings and more effective administration of justice.

ABA Law Student Podcast

The Pursuit of a Civil Right to Counsel

How Appealing’s lasting appeal

The ABA Journal’s Stephanie Francis Ward explores appellate practice during the pandemic with an interview of experienced appellate lawyer and blogger Howard Bashman. 

How has the solitary, research-intensive appellate practice changed during the pandemic? Bashman shares his ups and downs. Noone misses the commute. But in-person arguments? Bashman discusses the advantages on Asked & Answered.

ABA Journal: Asked and Answered

The pandemic has not slowed down Howard Bashman of How Appealing

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