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There’s really never any risk that a conversation with Jared Correia will be boring. That said, when I saw his latest podcast featured reputation management, I was expecting a fairly straightforward interview.

I should have known better. Correia’s guest Shawn Hill of NiceJob Inc. got real when talking about reviews, why they matter, and how to turn them into marketing gold. What sticks most is Hill’s approach to reviews as a feedback engine, that when used correctly, can help improve business.

Drop in to the Legal Toolkit episode for reputation management tips, but if you want to LOL, be sure to stay for the discussion of Hill’s involvement in the origin of Gritty, the hairy orange beast that is the mascot of the Philadelphia Flyers.

Legal Toolkit

Larry Bird Stories; Getting the Reputation You Deserve; and the Rump Roast: The Gritty Origin Story

Minnesota’s unique evidence law

Dominating legal news and daily news is the Derek Chauvin murder trial in Minnesota. Given the import and complexity, Legal Talk Today is revisiting the case as the trial progresses. 

Host Laurence Colletti and regular guest David Schultz discuss the case’s nuances, including the standards of proof, what is meant by “depraved mind,” and expert witnesses’ role. 

In the April 7 episode, Schultz explains what Minnesota means by “spark of life” evidence.

Legal Talk Today

The State vs. Derek Chauvin (Part 2)

Dos and don’ts in hiring a virtual assistant

Titles and roles are changing all the time and evolve with an employee’s experience. When small firm lawyers are looking to hire, they need to appreciate the skillsets with job titles.

On the Lawyerist podcast, host Laura Briggs and Paige Atkins, operations director at Lawyerist, discuss the various skillsets and best approaches for hiring a virtual assistant.

Lawyerist Podcast

#323: Hiring a Virtual Assistant, with Paige Atkins

Books for lawyers: No, robots aren’t going to steal your jobs

AI-powered legal systems are portrayed enough in unnerving Terminator forms that it’s no wonder there’s fear when technology solutions are under consideration.

Noah Waisberg and Dr. Alexander Hudek, founders of Kira Systems, share what they’ve learned about translating nuanced legal language to machine learning and the role of artificial intelligence in improving a lawyer’s practice. 
Modern Law Library host Lee Rawles explores AI adoption in legal and the duo’s book, “AI for Lawyers: How Artificial Intelligence is Adding Value, Amplifying Expertise, and Transforming Careers.”

ABA Journal: Modern Law Library

Increasing revenue while cutting down on billable hours? ‘AI for Lawyers’ says it’s possible

Coming Soon: ‘Young Lawyer Rising’

Look next week for a new show, Young Lawyer Rising, from the ABA’s Young Lawyer’s Divison.

Host Sonia Russo previews the new show with Matthew Kerbis, who will present a regular segment, “The Financial Wellness Minute.”

Upcoming episodes — by young lawyers, for young lawyers — will cover topics including debt and student loans, civility in the profession, racism in the profession, and law practice innovations.

Young Lawyer Rising


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Thumbnail image features Gritty as presented on the @GrittyNHL Twitter handle.

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