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$2K per hour? | WFH hacks worth keeping | Chauvin trial strategies examined

Revelations about former AG Eric Holder’s $2,295 hourly billing rate created a media buzz.

Is the rate (which as reported reflects a 10% discount) too high? Or is it completely fair given Holder’s specialized expertise?

Thinking Like A Lawyer’s Kathryn Rubino and Joe Patrice discuss and debate. Spoiler: Their opinions differ. 

The two also discuss the current court-packing legislation, delegitimizing the high court, and Laurence Tribe’s alternative proposal.

Above the Law - Thinking Like a Lawyer

Are Billing Rates Too Darn High?

So many Covid-19 lessons still to learn

There continue to be pandemic-era law practice takeaways, even for lawyers who were comfortable working remotely pre-pandemic. 

Digital Edge hosts Jim Calloway and Sharon Nelson talk with Nebraska lawyer Mary E. Vandenack, founding and managing member of Vandenack Weaver, about how some quick fixes for managing a team remotely are turning into permanent changes. This includes buying into the value of docking stations and making permanent the mini-huddles her firm created via Teams to keep connected, improve morale, and advance associates.

The Digital Edge

Managing Your Law Firm Through Change

Finding balance as a high achiever

On the Lawyerist podcast, wellness expert Rachel Ann Dine shares the current state-of-anxiety, exacerbated by the pandemic over the last year. Dine homes in on anxiety issues for high achievers, including panic disorders and key de-escalation strategies.

Lawyerist Podcast

#325: Anxiety & High-Achieving Personalities, with Rachel Ann Dine

Legal Talk Today has wrapped up its deep dive into the legal strategies used by the prosecution and defence during the murder trial of Derek Chauvin. 

Host Laurence Colletti gleans insights from University of Minnesota Law Prof. David Schultz, who offers a critical review of closing arguments on both side of the aisle. 

Continue listening to hear the final wrap-up episode.

Legal Talk Today

The State vs. Derek Chauvin (Part 6)

Books for lawyers: The story of the Senate’s only immigrant member

Modern Law Library host Lee Rawles interviews Hawaii’s first female senator, Mazie Hirono, about her new book, “Heart of Fire: An Immigrant Daughter’s Story.”

Rawles speaks with Hirono about the memoir, which covers her family’s tumultuous history and how her immigrant experience shaped her perspective on modern politics.

ABA Journal: Modern Law Library

Sen. Mazie Hirono speaks out in ‘Heart of Fire’

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