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Legal Tech Talk: Journey to the Cloud | Maturity Level Guide | and the Future of Work

Amid devastating headlines about the devastation and disruption of the pandemic,  there are robust conversations about the role technology is playing in keeping legal professionals connected and in business.

So it’s no surprise that tech adoption issues can dominate discussions in the news and across Legal Talk Network from its impact on law practice to implications for labor and employment law.

Case Study: One Firm’s Journey to the Cloud

Revealing a new format for New Solo, host Adriana Linares goes behind the scenes of one firm’s shift to a cloud-based practice management solution. Guest Brad Reeser shares details and lessons he learned while overseeing the transition. 

Linares introduced the show’s new ask-an-expert segment, New Insights, in which a veteran practitioner is paired with a new solo.

New Solo

Case Study: Journey to the Cloud

Determining Your Firm’s Tech Maturity Level

The Modern Law Library features tech-consultant and author Heinan Landa and his book, The Modern Law Firm: How to Thrive in an Era of Rapid Technological Change. Landa tells host Lee Rawles how firms can identify their “Technology Operational Maturity Level.”

They also discuss the role the pandemic has played in accelerating tech adoption.

ABA Journal: Modern Law Library

How your firm can use technology to build business and keep clients

At a Crossroads: Utopia or Dystopia?

Future of work expert Darrell West of the Brookings Institution joins Workers Comp Matters for an insightful conversation about the traditional role employers played in America’s safety net. With the growth of a gig economy, that safety net is tearing apart.

West talks with hosts Alan and Judson Pierce about the public policy changes needed to enable companies and workers to benefit from part-time, temporary and contract jobs while assuring access to healthcare, retirement benefits, and disability insurance.

Workers Comp Matters

The Future of Work: Utopia or Dystopia?

ABA Techshow Preview

Chairs of ABA Techshow 2021 Allan Mackenzie and Roberta Tepper appear on The Digital Edge with a conference overview. They discuss the March event, which includes an expanded speaking faculty and networking opportunities all in a virtual environment.

The Digital Edge

ABA TECHSHOW 2021 Goes Virtual!


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