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Top Legal News | What’s Next for Firms? | Plus… Chucking it All to Follow a Dream

In a year that felt like a decade, some of the biggest legal news seems years away at this point.

On Thinking Like a Lawyer, hosts Joe Patrice and Kathryn Rubino discuss top stories covered by Above the Law, from bar exams and bar privilege to lawyers – celebrated and notorious – making headlines. 

On Legal Talk Today, host Laurence Colletti speaks with Legaltech News Editor Zach Warren to also highlight top law-related stories. Their discussion covers a range of topics, from civil rights and censorship to risk management at firms covered by Warren and his colleagues at American Lawyer Media.

Above the Law - Thinking Like a Lawyer

Finally, We’re Finished With 2020

Legal Talk Today

2020 Year in Review with ALM

What’s in Store for Firms in 2021?

Acknowledging that it’s pretty risky these days to attempt predictions, Digital Edge hosts Jim Calloway and Sharon Nelson discuss what they believe the legal industry will face in 2021. Will office life return to normal? Will ransomware remain a threat?

The Digital Edge

What’s on the Horizon for Law Firms in 2021?

Hope for the Best. Plan for the Worst 

With the pandemic raging and vaccines for most of us months away, planning is tricky. Yet, planning is critical for a business to not only survive but to thrive beyond the crisis. On The Un-Billable Hour, Erik Pickering, president of Tracers, who has a background in data research for Bridgewater Associates, spoke about common mistakes and the keys to effective planning during a time of market uncertainty.

The Un-Billable Hour

Data Is Such a Powerful Tool

Leaving the Law to Follow a Dream

On Lawyer 2 Lawyer, host Craig Williams interviews Jodi Ettenberg, who left her career in law to pursue a passion for world travel. A decade later, she hasn’t looked back. She talks with Williams about her travels, her writing, and the spinal tap that changed her life.

Lawyer 2 Lawyer

Taking a Different Path-Leaving the Law and Finding your Passion

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