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Professional Growth Tactics for the New Year | Numbers to Know | Law on Screen

As we close out a, um, memorable 2020, there’s no shortage of wishes for a happier and healthier New Year. 

Helping us look ahead is legal industry analyst Ari Kaplan. He reviews some of his recent legal research projects and provides professional growth tips for lawyers with On Balance Podcast hosts JoAnn Hathaway and Tish Vincent. 

Kaplan, who celebrates his 200th #VirtualLunch on Dec. 21, shares how legal professionals can build community with teams and peers even when in-person interaction is verboten.

State Bar of Michigan: On Balance Podcast

Standing Out in 2021: Professional Growth Tactics for Future-Minded Attorneys

Three Numbers to Know

Ready to get jazzed about bookkeeping? Bernadette Harris, the new financial coach in the Lawyerist Lab program, is as much financial cheerleader as she is expert at demystifying accounting. Harris tells Lawyerist Podcast host Stephanie Everett about the three numbers law firm owners should pay attention to most. She walks Everett through profit and loss sheets (videos), balance sheets (pictures), and the tools lawyers can use to balance their books.

Lawyerist Podcast

#306: Getting to Know & Love Your Numbers, with Bernadette Harris

Big4’s Big Impact on Legal

On the ABA Journal’s Legal Rebels podcast, host Lyle Moran interviews Don Francher, a principal at Deloitte’s U.S. legal business services division. The two discuss whether Deloitte plans to apply to offer legal services in states testing new legal services delivery models.

ABA Journal: Legal Rebels

Deloitte is monitoring regulatory reforms but is focused on growing new practice

Breaking News, Zoom Attire, and Holiday Classics in the Making

On Thinking Like a Lawyer, juris doctors Joe Patrice and Kathryn Rubino discuss the latest news, then turn their critical eyes toward “pajamagate” and a judge’s subsequent dress-code order. Keep listening for previews of holiday movies featuring lawyers in leading roles ala Lifetime and Hallmark.

Above the Law - Thinking Like a Lawyer

I Wonder If The Big City Lawyer Will Choose Love Or Career?!?!?

Speaking of law on film, Legal Talk Today host Laurence Colletti speaks with Adam Wolf, who heads his firm’s embryo-loss practice, about HBO’s documentary “Baby God.” The show explores widespread fertility fraud by Nevada fertility specialist Dr. Quincy Fortier, who deceived women struggling to conceive by using his own sperm to impregnate them.

Legal Talk Today

Fertility Fraud & DNA Test Kits


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